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Tam Mar was founded in 1976, and started out by focusing on manufacturing zinc home hardware. After cooperating with clients in 1980, the innovative era of Tam Mar began with the development of high quality door hardware, such as door knobs, door pulls, switches and other accessories.

While incorporating different materials, such as wood, plastics, ceramics, synthetic quartz, iron, zinc, copper, and many more, Tam Mar is now capable of producing products with a variety of functions for different environment and usage.

At Tam Mar, we are committed to the ideas of producing product with utmost quality and customer first, while working with clients of different background. After all these years of excellence, the products have been sold worldwide while maintaining great reputation. We are able to act as ODM or OEM for clients, so clients can design and manufacture the products needed.

Recently, the home hardware market has been challenged by the Chinese with their low prices; however, the quality is still not comparable with that of the products from Taiwan. In order to maintain the quality, everything at Tam Mar is made in Taiwan. Also, to serve the clients better, Tam Mar is able to ship the products within 30 to 40 days. Tam Mar has built its reputation on fast service, great price, and high quality products.

The ultimate goal at Tam Mar is to help clients to product as much profit as possible while maintain the lowest price. In the future, Tam Mar is looking forward to working with clients of various backgrounds to cooperate and to be innovative in the home hardware field.

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